Soleil Trinity
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Soleil Trinity Resource is a consultancy firm and academy in Malaysia that combines the potency of Chinese Metaphysical sciences with Western divination practices to unravel the codes of energy and living for life improvement, personal empowerment and prosperity. The firm offers professional services in areas such as Tarot Card Consultations, Feng Shui & Bazi Assessments, Palm & Face Reading, Yi Jing Reading, Auspicious Date selection and Tasseography.

Spearheaded by its founder, Jessie Lee, Soleil Trinity Resource offers guidance and more importantly, solutions – to individuals, partners and businesses. From increasing business revenue to uncovering the path to personal happiness, elevating career success or smoothing interpersonal conflicts, the firm is able to provide the answers to a myriad of problems and issues presented by its clients. In the effort to empower individuals to apply the core skills that form the backbone of the firm, Soleil Trinity Resource offers courses in Feng Shui, Tarot, Chinese Astrology, Face Reading, Palmistry, Body Language and Tea/Coffee Reading.